IFTA 2015

Dear Partner,

The IFTA decals and license for 2015 have just been mailed to your home address. When you receive the decals, please put them on both sides of the truck. The IFTA License for 2015 is attached to this email for your convenience.

The grace period gives us time until January 31st, 2015 to place the stickers on the truck.

And we would also like to use this opportunity to wish you a wonderful New Year and we hope that 2015 brings you success and prosperity!

Status Transportation Team

Status Transportation Offers Mechanic Account

Mechanic Account Payment Option

Dear Team,

We are very happy to receive great feedback about the Status Truck & Trailer Repair shop in Forest Park, Georgia. Many of our Owner Operators are excited about the new venture, and several of you have already undergone repairs. Right now, we are responding to multiple requests that were put in by our Owner Operators requesting to expand payment options for the repairs.

Mechanic Account | Fleet MaintenanceWe would like to go ahead and open up some additional payment options towards the repairs at Status Truck & Trailer Repair. Please be aware that these options are only available for Status Owner Operators.

The first option would be for us to cover the bill of your repair up to the amount of your next settlement directly from your settlement once you request it.

The second option that we offer is to set up a Mechanic Account. This account can be used for many things such as repairs at our shop or anywhere else. The Mechanic Account is currently capped at $2,000.00 and would be collected in weekly payments of $100.00 per week from your weekly settlement. The funds from the Mechanic Account can be retrieved upon the Owner Operator’s request at anytime no questions asked. Funds can be used for repairs at our shop or at any other shop of your choice and can be transferred to your settlement or wired directly into your bank account.

To get the Mechanic Account started, please print and fill out the form and mail it back to us along with your next Monday mail.
If you have any further questions, please reply to this email.

Status Transportation Corp

HOS Updates on the 34 Hour Restart Effective 12/16/2014

Dear Team,

Great news for everyone!

The FMCSA decided to suspend the enforcement of certain sections of the Agency’s Hours of Service rules. Specifically, FMCSA suspends the requirements regarding the 34 Hour Restart provisions that came in effect July 1, 2013. It is estimated that the suspension will be in effect until at least September 30, 2015.
Effective December 16, 2014 the appropriations bill suspends the two restrictions on the use of the 34 Hour Restart:

The requirement for two periods of 1 a.m. to 5a.m. on consecutive days
The limit on using the restart more than once every 168 hours

This action means that drivers can revert to the original 34 Hour Restart rule effectively immediately!

Drivers on paper logs are expected to comply with the above restrictions until December 16, 2014. For those of you on electronic logs, the provision change has already been implemented in the system and is effective now.

Please remember that the revision is specific to the 34 Hour Restart only, and all other Hours of Service rules, including the 30 Minute Break provision, remain unchanged and must be complied with.

If you have any questions regarding the change please feel free to give us a call!

Status Transportation Safety Department

Operation Safe Driver 2014

Dear Team,


During the week of October 19-25, 2014, CVSA has partnered with FMCSA to sponsor Operation Safe Driver. This means during this week law enforcement agencies across the country will take part in countless traffic stops aimed at unsafe driving targeting both commercial and passenger vehicles.


Last year during Operation Safe Driver 74,765 commercial and passenger vehicles were stopped, which is triple the amount stopped in 2012.


The top three reasons drivers were cited and issued warnings last year were (1) Speeding, (2) Failing to use a Safety Belt, (3) Failure to obey Traffic Control Devices.


As we always say, safety first. For your own safety and the safety of others, please make sure you are driving with caution.


Also, please put attention to your equipment and make sure it is in good condition and put extra attention to your logbooks.


If you should have any questions please feel free to give us a call!


Status Transportation Safety Department

Meet the Status Truck and Trailer Repair Service Manager

Meet the Service Manager

Dear Status Family,

Please, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Clifford McNabb and I am an ASE certified Master Truck Technician. I would like to share my excitement of joining the Status Transportation team at the new Status Transportation Repair shop in Atlanta, GA. My purpose here is to lead the mechanic team and to provide the best preventative maintenance and repair service for the Owner Operators of Status Transportation.

I represent 25 years of professional truck and equipment repair experience and I am looking forward to using my experience here at Status Transportation. The new facility is here for your success. Our technicians are ASE certified, Mack Master Technicians, Cummins certified, and certified welders so that we can solve all issues. We have hired courteous, competent, and confident technicians to make you feel at home.

I am looking forward to the relationship, that as a foreman for Status, I can build with the Owner Operators within the company. The shop in Atlanta will maintain a variety of parts for a major repair or a full service to minimize your down time. Status has put forth a major commitment for the success of the Owner Operator and continued growth of this organization. I look forward to a long and prosperous tenure with Status Transportation. I also will make it my main priority that the Owner Operators needs for reliable repairs and equipment are met, in a professional and respectful environment. Please, call or stop by for a cup of coffee and we can discuss your needs.

Also, if you are at another repair shop and you would like a second opinion, feel free to call us, as we would love to assist you.

I can be reached at 770-755-1516 or info@semitruckhelp.com.



Status Truck & Trailer Repair

Dear Partner,


We would like to gladly announce the opening of “Status Truck & Trailer Repair” shop on the October 13th, 2014. Our Shop will work as an extended benefit to all Owner Operators working hand in hand with Status Transportation Corp.


Experienced mechanics will be ready to help with any truck or trailer repair – big or small Monday through Saturday. All truck repairs done for Owner Operators leased to Status Transportation Corp will be done at a discounted rate and by the company you have grown to trust.

PM service for only $199.

Break job at $250 per axle.

Any other semi truck repair will be done for only $75 per hour (this rate applies to Status Owner Operators only), (regular price for public is $95 per hour).

Trust all your repairs to the company who will truly care to get your truck back on the road as soon as possible. As an Owner Operator working with Status Trans Corp. you will always be a first priority when scheduling an appointment or simply driving by.

“Status Truck & Trailer Repair”
4851-101 GA Hwy 85,
Forest park, GA  30297
Ph# 770-755-1516
Hours of operation:
I-V 8am-7pm
VI 9am-2pm