Canada Loads

Dear Team,


We hope that this message finds you in healthy spirits. We are writing because we’d like to offer you a proven solution to increase your profit. Loads going to Canada pay considerably more per mile, (and offer longer runs, too – of course, this means less stops and maximum use of your equipment.)

In fact, our records show that Owner Operators who haul to Canada experience a significant increase in profit per month in comparison to those who limit themselves to traveling within the U.S. These lanes usually begin on the East Coast and head out to provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. There are also many loads in the South East region headed to Ontario and Manitoba. As well, you should know that some of the best paying loads begin in Texas and are abundant throughout the year!

(What’s best is that the loads do not go too far past the U.S. – Canadian border, so you’ll be reaping the benefits of higher paying loads without adding too many miles to your runs.)Without a doubt, opening your business up to the prospect of Canada loads will markedly increase your financial gains. To discuss this opportunity, please contact Edwin at 407-574-7990 x 304.


We wish you all the best!

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