Operation Support from Status Transportation

Trucking industry is a challenge. Status Transportation is 100% Non-Forced Dispatch Company. Our dispatchers will plan your stay on the road and will respect your home time. Every team member of Status Trucks is ready to give support to all of our Owner Operators when needed. Our professional dispatch has answers to all your questions and concerns in planning your business strategy, truck maintenance, fuel miles etc. We will strive to go that extra mile to meet and exceed your expectations.

Top Market Rates for Status Transportation Drivers

Our experienced team of Operation Coordinators (Dispatchers) is very familiar with today’s market and is capable of getting the top rate of your haul. We use different approaches to the seasonal and geographical market to ensure stability of profit despite slower seasons. Status Trucks is conducting market researches on the daily basis to find best paying options within the United States and Canada that allows us quickly develop efficient solutions and work out successful strategies for this fast changing market.

Busy All Year Long

We are currently engaged in active relation with more than 1,500 shippers and brokers nationwide and this database is steadily growing. This allows us quickly to arrange load hauls within the US and Canada on a daily basis. We keep our trucks running 365 days a year.Most of the loads hauled are auto part, paper metal products, non perishable foods and beverages, but with the seasonal surges of produce we have hot runs which significantly increases our owner operators’ profit.