Status Transportation Offers Mechanic Account

Mechanic Account Payment Option

Dear Team,

We are very happy to receive great feedback about the Status Truck & Trailer Repair shop in Forest Park, Georgia. Many of our Owner Operators are excited about the new venture, and several of you have already undergone repairs. Right now, we are responding to multiple requests that were put in by our Owner Operators requesting to expand payment options for the repairs.

Mechanic Account | Fleet MaintenanceWe would like to go ahead and open up some additional payment options towards the repairs at Status Truck & Trailer Repair. Please be aware that these options are only available for Status Owner Operators.

The first option would be for us to cover the bill of your repair up to the amount of your next settlement directly from your settlement once you request it.

The second option that we offer is to set up a Mechanic Account. This account can be used for many things such as repairs at our shop or anywhere else. The Mechanic Account is currently capped at $2,000.00 and would be collected in weekly payments of $100.00 per week from your weekly settlement. The funds from the Mechanic Account can be retrieved upon the Owner Operator’s request at anytime no questions asked. Funds can be used for repairs at our shop or at any other shop of your choice and can be transferred to your settlement or wired directly into your bank account.

To get the Mechanic Account started, please print and fill out the form and mail it back to us along with your next Monday mail.
If you have any further questions, please reply to this email.

Status Transportation Corp

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