Midsummer Season

Dear Team,

The busy Spring season is almost over and we are moving into the next phase. Therefore I would like to bring your attention to a few points regarding this matter.

July and August are the slower months for all companies in the US and throughout the World. As our experience shows it is common to work with fewer loads and a slight drop in rates during this July-August season.

However, what we have noticed from our records is that not the drop in rates is what hurts Owner Operators the most.

What hurts the most is the choice to sit and wait for the rates of the busy season. At the end we still take the same rate and have a few days lost.

Owner Operators who have been constantly running have only experienced a slight decline in revenues vs. those who have been ‘fighting’ against the market.

We would like to encourage you to work with your dispatchers as we are confident we will sustain your revenues throughout the summer. Please consider, that short runs in areas with higher load volume, will pay a higher rate per mile and keep us busy.

I wish we go through this short season altogether and the next busy season will not last to come.

Stay safe,
Dispatch Management Team

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