New Cargo Coverage

Dear Team,

After years of successful operation and many good options already explored we were in search of ways to create additional value for our Owner Operators and upon the renewal of our Primary Liability and Cargo policies we decided to pursue a high-end Cargo policy which allows us to haul high value products.

Due to this policy we are able to offer better rates for high value freight. It also expands our options in the freight market enabling us to shop for a wider range of products, which simply put means more loads to haul. Therefore it will help us to develop better strategies fit exactly for you to elevate your experience with Status Transportation Corp. We are sure that will help to improve your business and of course to increase your profit.

Yet please remember that while hauling high value freight we must take extra precaution. Always lock the trailer doors, make sure the truck is locked as well and all doors windows and compartments are closed. Park in a secure location, sleep in the truck and never leave the vehicle unattended.

And if you have any questions, as always, please feel free give us a call!

Status Transportation Corp

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