Status Transportation Open Door of Summer – 2015

Dear Team,

We have finally moved into our new building and even though there still are a few little things to be completed we are very excited to be in the new location. We have attached a picture to this email for you to see. It is worthy of being called Status Headquarters now! We would like for all of us to enjoy it together. Therefore June 15th through August 31st we will be running an Open Door Summer. We invite you to stop by the office for a cup of coffee, dessert or lunch. It’s on us!


We’d like to express our appreciation for being a part of our team and hear what you like about us as we feel it is important to share the good, so we know what to keep on doing and what direction to move toward. Even more so we would like to know where we could improve. You are the driving force of our company and we firmly believe that your input is essential for growth and advancement. Only with a clear understanding of what our Owner Operators want we can create an Owner Operator oriented company that serves your needs.


We hope to see you soon and we will do our best to arrange your loads to get you here quickly and smoothly. Just let your dispatcher know when you would like to stop by and they will get you here. Of course, walk-ins are welcome although we would greatly appreciate an earlier notice that we could devote our full attention to you when you’re here.

We are waiting to hear back from you and as always – if you have any questions please give us a call!

Status Transportation Team

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