The Peach State: owner operator trucking jobs in the southeast superhub

Peach State Owner Operator JobsBecause of the Peach State’s strategic geographic location, Georgia is considered the transportation superhub of the southeast. This location attracts major businesses and makes it the perfect home for companies providing owner operator trucking jobs.  

Interstate highways and economic growth in Georgia

Georgia’s interstates play a very role in the U.S. economy and for the trucking industry as well.  From the start, I-85 brought an economic growth to regions adjacent the Interstate.  From 1985 to 1992 employment and per capita income increased a startling 46.3 percent compared to the nation’s 40 percent median.  According to BusinessWeek magazine, corporate executives called it the “preferred mega corridor for business” in the 90s and this continues to be true in the 21st century.  In fact, the economic growth was so strong businesses along the Interstate did have one complaint, they couldn’t find enough workers.

How companies relocating to the Peach State have an impact on owner operator jobs

Atlanta and the entire Peach State are of the most business-friendly places in the country largely due to corporate incentives, business exemptions, and state job-tax credits.  It’s no wonder why so many Fortune 500 companies have been relocating their headquarters to Atlanta.  Companies like UPS, Delta Air Lines, Home Depot and of course Coca-Cola call Atlanta their home state.  According to recognized economic analysts, Georgia’s overall economic outlook is a very positive one.  Personal income for Georgians will accelerate and for the fifth year in a row, the state’s economy will continue growing at a faster rate than the rest of the nation.

Businesses coming into the area require better infrastructure bringing with them more jobs and an economic expansion.  Georgia is a state that is very effective at competing in logistics and distribution.  The Peach State recognizes the importance of supporting this cluster by maintaining a robust logistics infrastructure.  The trucking industry benefits from this growth resulting in the highest paying owner operator jobs for independent truckers and stakeholders alike.  When Status Transportation first opened its doors back in 2009, it quickly recognized the need to set shop in Atlanta in order to gain a competitive edge while hiring owner operators in the trucking business.

Atlanta’s strategic location for owner operator jobs

Atlanta Georgia Owner Operator Trucking JobsProducts imported through any of the major ports in the Peach State can reach about 80% of Americans overnight using the interstate highway system.  Shifts in market rates throughout the year make Atlanta an obligatory visit for owner operators running loads from different parts of the country.  Whether is produce season or some other commodity there is always something to haul through Atlanta’s major highways putting owner operator jobs in GA in high demand.

Three of the main US interstate highways converge in Atlanta, Georgia.  Only five cities in the US have three separate interstate highways and Atlanta is one of them.  I-85 crosses the state from South Carolina on the northeast border to the south-west boundary with Alabama, crossing directly through Atlanta.  I-75 merges with I-16 in Macon, Georgia crossing to Atlanta and extending to the northwest border of the state into Chattanooga, TN.  I-285 encircles Atlanta while Interstate 20 passes through Atlanta and crosses the state from east to west while I-285 encircles the entire city.

Atlanta continues thriving as a transportation hub making it the perfect spot for independent truckers for finding the best owner operator trucking companies.  Owner operator based companies like Status Transportation will continue to grow and expand their operations providing the best quality services required by owner operators across the nation.
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