Speed & Space Management

Speed & Space Management

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As a professional driver, good decisions are the key to safe performance. These decisions are made each day during each hour, trip & mile. The most challenging areas where you need to make the right decisions are in speed and space management.

The decisions you need to make to manage speed and space depend on 3 main factors: Environmental conditions, the actions of those other drivers around you, and your own actions.

These are a few suggestions on how to address these factors:

The actions of other drivers

To address the actions of other drivers, it is necessary to adjust for their errors and lack of skill or attention. Expect other drivers around the truck to make mistakes or not to be paying attention to the road. Like the saying goes: “Expect the unexpected”.

Environmental Conditions

Environmental conditions such as slick roads, rain, snow, ice, or other environments like heavy traffic also require your full engagement, speed reduction, and a longer following distance.

Your actions

Lane changes and sudden movements should be avoided whenever possible. Manage your speed extra carefully in winter driving conditions. Excessive speed can be very dangerous during winter due to minimized traction.

Good decisions are key to safe driving and help you get home safely.

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